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Helium Rain Download] [PORTABLE Full]

Kick off the holiday season with the 40th annual Dominion Energy Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 2, 2023. You do not want to miss an exciting parade line-up full of colorful floats, giant helium balloons, high school and college marching bands, princesses, superheroes, and Legendary Santa himself!

Helium Rain Download] [FULL]

I developed first principles quantum Monte Carlo methods to simulate helium and hydrogen superfluid properties. My graduate work explained the supersolid-like behavior of helium and the occurrence of magic numbers in small superfluid hydrogen clusters. As a postdoc at UC Berkeley, I presented work in favor of the helium rain hypothesis inside Jovian planets. During my second postdoc experience at LLNL, I co-developed a path integral Monte Carlo code that calculates the hydrogen Hugoniot that agrees with an existing set of experiments and provides predictions over a warm, dense region inaccessible to experiments. I also helped validate results in the Cimarron project on dense and strongly coupled plasma. Currently, I am a code physicist working in the ALE3D team on energy conservation in shocks and on additive manufacturing.

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