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Thankfully, solutions are available to help simplify executive travel, alleviate the admin and remove many past pain points. Booking tools can streamline everything from picking great accommodation and booking flights to automating your travel expenses. With time freed up, you can focus on the personal touches that will impress your boss and take their business trip to the next level. So let's delve into the 8 easy steps that make organizing business travel arrangements for your boss a breeze.


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TravelPerk makes managing business travel a lot simpler for executive assistants, travel managers and admins. Offering an all-in-one platform to book travel, simple reporting tools so you can stay in control of spending, integrated travel policies for better compliance, plus 24/7 customer support whenever you need it from a real human.

When selecting transportation, keep in mind the details that will make the trip more comfortable for your boss. Do they prefer an aisle or window seat? Do they have airlines or rental car companies where they accrue loyalty points or can get access to lounges? After noting these preferences, by using a travel management tool like TravelPerk, you can book flights, trains, car hire and accommodation in just a few clicks.

Once you have selected your arrangements, quickly vet your choices to double-check if they are suitable for your boss. Use Hotel Wi-Fi Test to make sure connection speeds are up to scratch and screen reviews for elements you know will matter to your boss. Whether it's noise levels or the quality of the breakfast, the best insights will come from recent guests.

Busy executives won't have time to make these changes themselves, and with time differences, you might not always be available to lend a hand. Whichever travel booking solution you decide to use, ensure they have comprehensive support 24/7. Check the fine print, as your boss is unlikely to appreciate having to wait for an email response or spending hours sitting on hold.

TravelPerk users can benefit from the system's travel management solutions even after departure. Corporate travelers can book travel arrangements, get updates to their itinerary and receive 24/7 support thanks to the easy-to-use mobile app.

Break down each day and walk through their activities step by step. For any travel arrangements on top of departure times, include more details to help things run more smoothly. Note the booking confirmation numbers and contact numbers for car rentals. For flights, include airline phone numbers, the terminal's address, confirmation numbers, flight numbers, seat reservations, and any membership numbers for loyalty programs.

Also, make sure that your Executive knows how to get in touch with any relevant parties in the destination city, as well as how to get in touch with you at the office or your colleagues as needed during the trip. If your Executive is traveling internationally, will he or she need an international cell phone plan? Make this part of your preparations as you make business travel arrangements for leaders at your company.

Making travel arrangements for your boss is a responsible and stressful job. It is actually an art where your boss is made happy with the travel arrangements you make. It is a part of the job that executives and employees need to make arrangements for their boss frequently.

It is mandatory to know bosses preferences before getting started for a travel plan. Certain few aspects that need to be known for arrangements are the seating arrangement if your boss prefers an aisle or a window seat, preferences regarding meals, and seating arrangement at the front or back of the plane.

Check out if your boss has preferences for flying, hotels, travelling and more, if not then it is your duty to make proper research in order to arrange a travel with all amenities and comfort. Hotels, flight services, car rental bookings and more aspects should be researched well before booking.

Triplt are excellent apps that makes travel easy without travel materials in hand such as restaurant reservoirs, flight confirmation numbers, hotel confirmation numbers and any other paper based materials.

In case the boss requires cash in advance make sure proper arrangements are made and cash is provided for your boss. Find out if your boss is travelling with a business contact and needs to sit beside him, if he requires a meeting room, if he is about to do a conference then make preparations accordingly.

If your boss is travelling across the sea to another continent make sure to provide him a health checkup and vaccinate and inoculations required by the country. The international certificate for vaccination can also be obtained from travel agents, passport offices or local health department if required by certain countries.

While planning a trip make sure not to assume things and communicate well with your boss so that you get to know his comfort level and make travel arrangements accordingly. Since business travel information or details are important, make sure you make preparations and list them down before proceeding with work.

All arrangements for meeting, conference etc. must be well prepared by the executives. Hence executives who are responsible for arranging travel trips for your boss make sure to follow these tips as your boss can have a hassle free travel to any country without chaos

If you work as an administrative assistant, an executive assistant or in some other administrative support role, at some point you'll likely make travel arrangements for one or more executives. Most corporations have contracts with travel agencies that work with airlines and hotels on the corporations' behalf or the companies themselves will have in-house travel services. Either way, you'll set up executive travel through the entity serving the company's travel needs.

Call the travel agency and make the arrangements. Confirm that the travel is for business. Corporate executives are permitted to book business class (seating between first class and coach) on flights lasting three hours or longer.

When making business travel arrangements, the goal is not only to make sure your boss gets from point A to point B safely, but also to optimize it in a way that helps them get as much work done as possible.

When you come right down to it, the most important thing you can do when making travel arrangements for your employer is to ensure they travel safely and in style. Unless they already have a personal chauffeur, the best way to do this is by hiring a trusted corporate car service such as AZLIMO.COM.

The best way to make arrangements is online these days, as you can print everything out and you can see the options that are available before you make a decision. Also, you can use the confirmation pages when things go wrong.

Once you have the travel arrangements in place, it can be a good idea to check on them about a week before the trip begins. This will alert you to any troubles that have come up, and it will allow you to make changes.

While you might be confident in the fact that the reservations are right and they are going to be supportive of the person or group traveling, it never hurts to be completely certain that the arrangements are still as planned.

Before you book the trip, you should investigate passport and visa requirements to see if any special arrangements need to be made. This step is a must if the traveler may be impacted by the new Brexit regulations and is required to obtain a work permit or other documentation for a business trip. The last thing you want is for an exec at the airport and be turned away at the security checkpoint because they do not have the right paperwork in place.

The SLICE office has the ability to assist organizations with travel arrangements through direct booking through Concur, or through a scheduled travel meeting. SLICE can arrange for direct payment from your student organization's financial account for automotive transportation, air travel and/or lodging reservations.

Students who are interested in booking an AirBnB should request a travel meeting. You will need to use your personal AirBNB account to make the reservation and send all receipts back to SLICE within two business days of returning to campus after the trip.

Egencia offers a powerful online platform so that travel managers have the tools to perform the analysis to find cost savings and demonstrate ROI. Egencia Analytics Studio empowers travel managers to analyze their programs to find cost savings. At NTT Singapore, they use our data tools to monitor travel spend, analyze travel by individuals or business groups and report back to executives with visual reports on any aspect of their travel program. The company gains that leverage while also providing an easy booking experience to meet the travel needs of employees.

This template demonstrates a promotion from an administrative assistant to an executive assistant. Growth shows that your previous company was impressed with your work and trusted you with more responsibilities, like supporting five executives. You should also highlight why you were promoted. If you took on additional work, became a mentor to others, or more, make sure to share it.

An executive assistant works closely with a high-level executive or a small group of high-level executives in overseeing projects and anticipating business needs. On the other hand, an executive administrative assistant tends to focus more on task management and administrative duties, such as calendar scheduling, data entry, and handling calls. In your executive administrative assistant resume, make sure to highlight your experience and relevant skills accordingly.

It takes a special type of person to operate calmly and effectively in the high-pressure, fast-paced world of C-level executives. Many individuals at this level have big personalities and urgent needs, and hiring managers want to see that you understand what it takes to work in such an environment. When writing your C-level executive assistant resume, make sure to include work experience that shows you have experience providing direct support to a CEO or other C-level executive.

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