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Fated Love: A Lesbian Romance Novel by Radclyffe (Epub Download)

Fated Love Radclyffe Epub Download: A Review of a Lesbian Romance Novel

If you are looking for a captivating and emotional lesbian romance novel, you might want to check out Fated Love by Radclyffe. This book is one of the most popular and acclaimed works by the author, who has written over 50 lesbian romances and won several awards. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of what Fated Love is about, why you should read it, and how you can download it in epub format.

Fated Love Radclyffe Epub Download

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What is Fated Love by Radclyffe?

Fated Love is the first book in the PMC Hospital Romance series by Radclyffe. It was published in 2004 by Bold Strokes Books, a leading publisher of LGBTQ+ fiction. The book follows the lives and loves of two women who work in a busy emergency room: Quinn Maguire and Honor Blake.

The plot of Fated Love

Quinn Maguire is a young and dashing trauma surgeon who unexpectedly accepts a position as an ER physician at Philadelphia Medical Center. Her new boss, Honor Blake, is a seasoned and respected chief of emergency medicine who suspects that Quinn is hiding a dark secret. While the two declare an uneasy truce in an effort to work together, they also struggle with mutual and unexpected attraction. Honor, however, has more than one reason to resist her growing feelings for the attractive newcomer - not the least of which is that her heart belongs to the woman whose wedding ring she wears.

Amidst the chaos and drama of a busy emergency room, Quinn and Honor must contend not only with the fragile nature of life, but also with the mysteries of the heart and the irresistible forces of fate.

The main characters of Fated Love

Quinn Maguire is a brilliant and charismatic surgeon who has a passion for saving lives. She is also haunted by a tragic past that has left her emotionally scarred and unable to commit to anyone. She is drawn to Honor's strength and integrity, but fears that she will hurt her or be hurt by her.

Honor Blake is a dedicated and professional doctor who has worked hard to earn her reputation and position. She is also loyal and loving to her wife, who is terminally ill with cancer. She feels guilty and conflicted about her attraction to Quinn, but also curious and hopeful about a possible future with her.

Why should you read Fated Love by Radclyffe?

Fated Love by Radclyffe is a novel that will appeal to anyone who enjoys a well-written and engaging lesbian romance. Here are some of the reasons why you should read it:

The themes of Fated Love

Fated Love explores some universal themes that resonate with many readers, such as love, loss, grief, healing, forgiveness, destiny, courage, and hope. The novel shows how love can be found in unexpected places and how it can overcome any obstacle. It also shows how love can be tested by time, distance, illness, and betrayal. The novel portrays the challenges and joys of being in a lesbian relationship, as well as the prejudices and stereotypes that lesbian couples face in society.

The writing style of Radclyffe

Radclyffe is a master of lesbian romance who knows how to create compelling and realistic characters, captivating and emotional plots, and steamy and sensual scenes. Her writing style is fluent, clear, and descriptive, with a touch of humor and wit. She uses dialogue, narration, and inner thoughts to convey the personalities, emotions, and motivations of her characters. She also uses vivid details, metaphors, and similes to create a vivid picture of the settings, actions, and sensations in her stories.

The reviews of Fated Love

Fated Love by Radclyffe has received many positive reviews from readers and critics alike. The book has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on and 4.2 out of 5 stars on Here are some of the comments that readers have left about the book:

"This is one of my favorite books by Radclyffe. It is a beautiful story of love, loss, and finding happiness again. The characters are well-developed and believable, and the chemistry between them is amazing. The plot is engaging and emotional, with some twists and turns that keep you hooked. The writing is smooth and captivating, with a perfect balance of drama, humor, and romance. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good lesbian romance."

"I loved this book so much that I read it twice in a row. It is a heart-wrenching and heart-warming story of two women who find each other in the most unlikely circumstances. The characters are complex and relatable, and the relationship between them is realistic and passionate. The plot is gripping and touching, with some surprises and suspense that keep you on the edge of your seat. The writing is superb and eloquent, with a lot of emotion and depth. This is one of the best books I have ever read."

"This is a classic lesbian romance that never gets old. It is a story of fate, destiny, and true love that transcends all barriers. The characters are strong and vulnerable, and the connection between them is undeniable. The plot is moving and inspiring, with some challenges and conflicts that make you root for them. The writing is elegant and expressive, with a lot of detail and imagery. This is a book that will make you laugh, cry, sigh, and smile."

How to download Fated Love by Radclyffe in epub format?

If you are interested in reading Fated Love by Radclyffe, you might want to download it in epub format. Epub is a popular file format for digital books that can be read on various devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, e-readers, etc. In this section, we will explain what epub format is, why you should use it, and how you can download Fated Love by Radclyffe in epub format.

What is epub format and why use it?

Epub stands for electronic publication and it is an open standard for digital books that was developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Epub format has several advantages over other formats such as PDF or MOBI:

  • Epub format is compatible with most devices and platforms, so you can read your book on any device you want.

  • Epub format is flexible and adaptable, so you can adjust the font size, style, color, layout, etc. according to your preferences.

  • Epub format is interactive and dynamic, so you can access multimedia content such as images, audio, video, hyperlinks, etc. within your book.

  • Epub format is accessible and inclusive, so you can use features such as text-to-speech or screen readers to enhance your reading experience.

The benefits of epub format

By downloading Fated Love by Radclyffe in epub format, you can enjoy several benefits such as:

  • You can save money by downloading the book for free or at a lower price than buying a physical copy.

  • You can save space by storing the book on your device or cloud service instead of having a bulky bookshelf.

  • You can save time by downloading the book instantly instead of waiting for delivery or going to a bookstore.

  • You can save the environment by reducing paper consumption and carbon footprint.

The steps to download Fated Love by Radclyffe in epub format

Here are some of the websites that you can use to download Fated Love by Radclyffe in epub format:




Amazon Kindle Store


- You can buy the book with one click and read it on any device with the free Kindle app.- You can also get the audiobook for free with your Audible trial.- You can access other books by Radclyffe and similar authors.

Bold Strokes Books


- You can buy the book directly from the publisher and support LGBTQ+ literature.- You can choose from different file formats such as epub, mobi, or pdf.- You can also get a 10% discount on your first order.



- You can buy the book from an independent ebook distributor and support indie authors.- You can choose from different file formats such as epub, mobi, pdf, lrf, pdb, txt, or html.- You can also get a free sample of the book before buying it.


- You can download the book for free from a public domain website.- You can choose from different file formats such as epub or mobi.- You can also browse other free books in various genres and categories.

Ocean of PDF


- You can download the book for free from a file-sharing website.- You can choose from different file formats such as epub or pdf.- You can also request other books that you want to read.


Fated Love by Radclyffe is a lesbian romance novel that will captivate you with its plot, characters, themes, and writing style. It is a book that you will not regret reading and that you will want to share with others. If you want to read Fated Love by Radclyffe, you can download it in epub format from various websites that we have listed above. Epub format is a convenient and versatile file format that will enhance your reading experience. We hope that this article has helped you learn more about Fated Love by Radclyffe and how to download it in epub format. Happy reading!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Fated Love by Radclyffe and epub format:

  • What is the PMC Hospital Romance series?

The PMC Hospital Romance series is a series of six lesbian romance novels by Radclyffe that are set in the same hospital and feature different couples. The titles of the books are: Fated Love, Night Call, Turn Back Time, Passionate Rivals, Against Doctor's Orders, and Perfect Rivalry.

  • Who is Radclyffe?

Radclyffe is a pen name of Lenora Ruth Barot, an American author of lesbian romance and erotica. She is also a retired surgeon and a co-founder of Bold Strokes Books. She has written over 50 novels and edited over 15 anthologies. She has won several awards for her writing, such as Lambda Literary Awards, Golden Crown Literary Awards, and Romantic Times Awards.

  • How can I read epub files on my device?

To read epub files on your device, you need to have an app or software that supports epub format. Some of the popular apps or software that you can use are: Calibre (for computers), iBooks (for iOS devices), Google Play Books (for Android devices), Adobe Digital Editions (for computers and mobile devices), or Kindle (for Amazon devices).

  • Can I convert epub files to other formats?

Yes, you can convert epub files to other formats if you want to. You can use online tools or software such as Calibre, Zamzar, Online-Convert, or EPUB Converter to convert epub files to other formats such as pdf, mobi, txt, etc.

  • Can I share epub files with others?

Yes, you can share epub files with others if you want to. You can use email, cloud services, file-sharing platforms, or social media to share epub files with others. However, you should respect the author's and publisher's rights and not share epub files that are protected by copyright or DRM (digital rights management).


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